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4 ways to teach you the correct choice of Outdoor Umbrellas

Update:01 Apr
In summer,Outdoor Umbrellas are often used for outdoor activities. A good quality tent umbrella is very strict for the tent umbrella manufacturer. There are certain skills in the selection of tent umbrellas. Many friends do not know how to buy them. The following 4 methods will teach you the correct selection of Outdoor Umbrellas.
1. Switch performance inspection
For a tent, the tent must be flexible when it is opened. The pinball button can be retracted and placed freely without jamming or sliding. The anti-pinch switch can freely pop up and bounce in. The tent is light and easy to close. The speed should be the same when opening the stand, and excessive force should not be used when pulling it apart.
2. Check the tent cloth (tent surface)
The tarpaulin should use special tent cloth with twill weave (420DPVC Oxford cloth, 600DPVC encrypted Oxford cloth, 300DPVC Oxford cloth, etc.). The warp and weft are tight and even, the color is consistent, not leaking under heavy rain, no yarn skipping, no trachoma, and smooth. Tarpaulin-Oxford cloth should be coated with a layer of waterproof PVC glue on the surface, which will not leak from rainstorms, no weaving defects, and no degumming. Looking at the top cloth from the inside, there is no light through the trachoma. The open cloth of the tent should be plump, beautiful and stiff.
3. Check the tent support
The tent bracket should not be easy to rust and feel comfortable. When pulling the cage, it should be close to the top pole, and the connecting screws, nuts, caps, etc. should be flexible and moderate. The feet should be beautiful in shape, firm and immobile, far away from the ground, and fully hard plastic and waterproof. In addition, when the bracket is stretched, shake it with your hand, and the frame does not float.
4. Check the tent pole
The top pole of the tent should be round and bright, free from hand piercing, and no abnormalities such as desoldering or cracking. The top end surface of the four-corner tube should be smooth, not irritating, and equipped with thick cloth to fully reduce the friction with the frame.
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