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A brief introduction to the umbrella

Update:26 Jul
Choose an umbrella according to the age and gender of the buyer
1. Elderly people are slow to move. You can buy a long-handled umbrella with different specifications of 55-65 cm.
2. Children are lively and active. You can choose a children's flower cloth umbrella with a spherical plastic cap on the top of the umbrella and a plastic sleeve at the end of the umbrella bone to ensure safety.
3. Young girls can choose silk umbrellas or nylon umbrellas with bright colors and exquisite decoration; they can also choose three-section nylon folding umbrellas that are easy to store in women's bags and easy to carry.
4. Young men are required to be light and flexible, and can choose two-section or three-section folding umbrella with plain nylon surface;
Umbrella Quality Appraisal Method
Check the quality of the umbrella, pay attention to the following points:
①The umbrella surface is full and there is no off-line phenomenon.
② Continuously use for 5-6 times, the support shoulder can not fall off, and the support key should be firm.
③The handle, stem, bone, and surface should be intact, and the electroplated parts should be smooth.
④The rainproof performance of the fabric should be strong, and the nylon umbrella surface should be airtight.
⑤The automatic umbrella opening button should be flexible; shake it gently to prevent it from opening by itself.
Umbrella to prevent the umbrella from turning over
Umbrellas will be blown over in strong winds. Just open the umbrella, take a string, tie one end to the nostril at the end of an umbrella bone, and then pull the string around until the end of each umbrella bone is tightened and tied. Stay fast, and finally return to the first rib to tie the knot. After several successful trials, sew the string on the edge of the umbrella.
Umbrella maintenance method
1 Don't hang the umbrella on the alkaline lime wall to prevent the umbrella surface from becoming brittle. To
2 Don't pick things up with an umbrella, don't use an umbrella as a walking stick, and keep the umbrella from close to high temperature, which can prevent the umbrella from deforming. To
3 After the umbrella is used, it should be opened and dried in a ventilated and dry place, and a small amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the ribs and handle of the umbrella to prevent rust and mold. To
4 Before opening the umbrella, you should loosen the umbrella surface, straighten the ribs, and then slowly open it to prevent it from breaking.
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