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Classification of outdoor leisure tents

Update:07 Jul
Classification of outdoor leisure tents:
1. Divided by purpose: leisure account, camping account, mountain account, advertising account, engineering account, disaster relief account
2. Seasonal functions are: summer account, three-season account, four-season account, and mountain account
3. Divided by size: single account, double account, 2-3 account, four account, multi-person account (base camp)
4. According to the style, it is divided into: single-layer account, double-layer account, single-pole account, double-pole account, tunnel tent, dome account, semi-double layer...
5. According to the structure, it is divided into: metal bracket tent and Yatuzhuofan inflatable tent.
How to choose an outdoor tent correctly? Outdoor activities are becoming more and more popular among modern people. As the pace of urban life accelerates, outdoor camping is the choice of many people. Tents are essential equipment for outdoor camping, but when you buy tents, you will find that the various types of outdoor tents on the market are dazzling. What kind of tents should you choose?
The most important part of the tent is its fabric, which belongs to the category of awning canvas. China is a big country producing tents, mainly for export. Tents can be divided into tourist tents, disaster relief tents, advertising tents, car tents, military tents and so on. The tent fabrics are mostly polyester taffeta, nylon rainproof cloth, PVC waterproof Oxford cloth and membrane materials.
Generally, polyester industrial yarn or polyester staple fiber is used as raw material, and after weaving into a fabric, it is finished according to different requirements. Such as PVC or polyurethane coating, organic silicon impregnation finishing, awnings require anti-ultraviolet finishing and so on. Generally it is a double-layer design, the inner layer is compounded with a coating material, and PU tape is attached. Tents generally have good functions of resistance to stretching, rain and ultraviolet rays.
Sports mountaineering tents, outdoor recreational tents, advertising creative tents, add color to our lives and serve to improve people's quality of life. In the future, tents will enter our daily lives with more functions and uses.
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