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Did you really choose the right umbrella?

Update:07 Jul
It's the season of "just a pinch of cumin from barbecue", all kinds of sunscreen tools are on the battlefield, and sunscreen umbrellas have become an essential travel tool in summer. This year, many businesses on the Internet are promoting parasols coated with vinyl. These umbrellas are often labeled as "super sun protection" as a selling point, and have been favored by many consumers. The parasols coated with vinyl are favored by consumers because of their stronger sun protection effect, which is better than the traditional silver glue coating.
There are hundreds of silver plastic sunscreen umbrellas on the market, which one is better?
1. When choosing a sunscreen umbrella, first look at the material. Nylon texture and opaque surface are the best.
There are various materials for umbrella covers on the market, such as cotton, silk, nylon, plastic, chemical fiber, polyester and so on. In recent years, the sunscreen umbrellas we have seen on the streets are mainly made of two materials, one is called "chameleon" and the other is lace umbrella.
The sunscreen umbrella made of chameleon material is expensive, ranging from a few hundred to nearly a thousand. It is claimed to undergo special anti-ultraviolet treatment to block more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays. In fact, the main fabric used for these umbrellas is nylon! It has not undergone any processing. Manufacturers only use unique textile technology to achieve different colors on the front and back sides, and add bright silks of different colors to achieve the reflective effect when the umbrella surface rotates. It is precisely because of this special technology that many manufacturers take advantage of the loopholes.
Another sunscreen lace umbrella, the lace umbrella is not only popular in the past two years, it is simply popular! However, such an umbrella is beautiful, but the sun protection effect is not so impressive. Because lace does not have any anti-ultraviolet function, it depends on the lower layer of umbrella surface to prevent ultraviolet rays, and the main material of the umbrella surface is nylon. So, what exactly is the sunscreen effect of nylon? Nylon cloth will not deform, stain, and is very light, but for sun protection, it only reduces the penetration of light.
Umbrellas with better sun protection have a thicker surface and a tighter fabric, which has better UV resistance. Compared with cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics, polyester has more sun protection. If you want to know the sun protection effect of a parasol, you might as well try it out in the sun. Umbrellas with deeper shadows and lower light transmittance have the best sun protection effect.
2. The dark umbrella is more UV resistant
In the case of the same fabric, the dark umbrella has a better UV protection effect. Generally, the dark umbrella cloth can block 95% of the UVA. The reflection area of ​​the umbrella is very large, and it is better to have a black coating on the inner surface of the umbrella cloth to avoid reflecting the UVA on the ground to the face again.
3. Sun Protection Index
It mainly depends on the protection index, namely the UPF and UVA values. Only when the UPF is greater than 40 and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, can it be called an anti-ultraviolet product. The higher the UPF value, the better its anti-ultraviolet performance. Generally, most of the marks on the market are "UPF50+", and its protective function
Enough is enough.

4. The umbrella area should be large
Ultraviolet rays are irradiated from all directions. The larger the area, the better the resistance. Therefore, it is best to open up and look at the size of the area when choosing.
5. The posture of the umbrella is exquisite, and the effect of carrying the umbrella on the shoulder is poor
Will the posture of the umbrella affect the sunshade effect? According to the way people are accustomed to holding umbrellas in real life, the reporter locks the target to be photographed on the face, and then simulates them in two umbrella postures: upright and shoulder-carrying, and compare which of the two umbrella postures has better sun protection effect.
Through experiments, when people take the posture of holding the umbrella upright, the umbrella can cover a wider range. In addition to blocking the direct sunlight, the surrounding environment reflects less light to the face.
Therefore, in the sun, holding the umbrella upright is better than carrying it on the shoulder.
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