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Do you know about golf umbrellas?

Update:18 Mar
We can often see it in golf venues and racing competitions. The biggest characteristic of this umbrella is that it is large. It can be said to be the largest umbrella that can be held in hand. The normal format is between 25 inches and 32 inches. . As more people understand this umbrella, it has excellent characteristics such as good character, elegant appearance, good shading and rain protection, and golf rain cover is drooping everywhere, and high-level hotels, high-level places, high-level rooms and villas are also beginning to be used in large quantities.
The selection of materials for golf umbrellas is often more elaborate. Umbrella frames mostly use all-fiber synthetic materials, and the unique toughness of the fiber umbrella frame ensures that the umbrella will not be broken by the wind at night. But there are also some people who think from the perspective of cost. Using slotted bones (iron) or round bones (iron), the umbrella ribs will often break after a short period of time, and we usually do not recommend customers to choose. The fabrics of golf umbrellas are mostly special fabrics for high-end rain cover. Among them, 190 nylon silver tape and 190PG cloth are important. Using such fabrics, the umbrella surface is often flat. After the rain, the water drops quickly fall off. 190 nylon silver tape has the function of anti-ultraviolet rays, which can filter out the heat of the scorching summer. The beautiful color is pleasing to the eye. 190PG cloth (also often referred to as touch cloth) feels soft and has a very texture. It is simple and unpretentious, which makes people think that it is stable and elegant.
The handles of golf umbrellas are mostly EVA (commonly known as sponge). This handle has a good hand feeling. The defect is that if it is not dried immediately after being damp, it is easy to produce white mold. There are also plastic handles or wooden handles, but it is best to use rubber handles as usual (the cost will be 2-3 yuan per piece), the softness and hardness are moderate, and it is very comfortable to hold in the hand. There are many types of golf umbrellas nowadays. The most common ones are straight hand-opened golf umbrellas, straight active golf umbrellas, and two-fold self-opening golf umbrellas. Because the umbrella is large, it is often compared to a drive. After a strong wind, the strength is small. The plan is often unstable and more and more user-friendly. This difficulty has been handled better, and improvements have been made on the golf umbrella surface. The most common practice is to make the umbrella surface double-layered. The tip of the umbrella surface is ventilated, and the upper layer covers the upper layer of the lower layer, which is larger than the ventilation hole, just to cover it, and the two layers of high and low are stitched with small batches of needlework. In normal use, rain cannot enter the inside of the umbrella. , When the wind was blowing, the surplus was drained out. There is another approach that has similarities and similarities with these methods. I happily make the umbrella stand into a double layer, which is a bit like a Chinese pavilion. The wind can pass, but the rain can't get in.
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