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Do you know which fabric of the umbrella has good sun protection

Update:03 Jun
How do we usually choose a sun umbrella? Do you know which fabric has good sun protection effect?
1. Silver glue coated fabric  
Silver tape fabric not only has good UV protection effect, but also the price is relatively cheap. When using it, be careful not to get the silver glue coating in rain, as rain will damage the coating of the umbrella and reduce the sun protection effect. For umbrellas that have been used for a long time, the silver glue coating will age and darken. Sometimes you can find strips of marks on the coating. This is because the weather-dried coating shrinks, and you need to replace the umbrella to ensure the sun protection effect.
2. New fabric   
TC yarn-dyed fabric is a new type of fabric, which can be washed without affecting the sun protection effect. The light transmittance is not high, and the ultraviolet rays with wavelengths of 380, 300, and 220 nanometers can basically be completely blocked. Ultraviolet rays in the 250-400 nanometer range are most likely to cause sunburn and dryness of human skin and hair. There is also a laser punched fabric, which is woven by a high-density process. Many refractive particles are pressed on the surface of the fabric. Each dot will change color with the rotation of the light position, which plays a role in scattering ultraviolet rays. These two kinds of fabrics have the best anti-ultraviolet effect, but they are more expensive.
3. Fashion fabric   
Fat and thin silk, which looks like lace, is super light and beautiful, but the light transmittance of this fabric is high and the sun protection effect is not good. Satin cloth is a kind of satin fabric, belonging to polyester, and its anti-ultraviolet effect is weaker than that of silver glue coating fabric. There is also a kind of fabric on the market called pearl tape, which has a certain reflection effect on ultraviolet rays, and its sun protection effect is also worse than that of silver glue coating.  
The material and workmanship of the sun umbrella is basically the same as that of the ordinary umbrella. So, if someone asks you whether a sun umbrella can be used as an umbrella? The answer is yes, most sun umbrellas can be used as umbrellas.
The sun umbrella is actually a replica of the umbrella. The biggest difference from the traditional umbrella is that the sun umbrella uses the fabric of the anti-ultraviolet umbrella. The general umbrella is made of ordinary waterproof fabric. Therefore, judging whether a sun umbrella can be used as an umbrella is mainly determined by the fabric of the sun umbrella. At present, most sun umbrellas can be used as umbrellas.
According to the national "Assessment of Anti-ultraviolet Performance of Textiles", only UPF (ultraviolet protection factor value) greater than 30 and UVA (long wave ultraviolet) transmittance less than 5% can be called anti-ultraviolet products. The protection level standard is "UPF30+". When the UPF is greater than 50, it indicates that the product has excellent UV protection performance, and the protection level is marked as "UPF50+". "However, the UPF of UV protection umbrellas on the market is generally only between 30 and 40.
Among many fabrics, fabrics with a thick umbrella surface have better UV resistance than thin ones. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection, while polyester is better; therefore, most of the sun Umbrellas are mainly made of polyester fabric, and polyester fabric is also the main fabric for making ordinary umbrellas. Therefore, most sun umbrellas can be used as umbrellas.
In addition, there are many silver gel anti-ultraviolet sun umbrellas on the market. The special coating of this kind of sun umbrella does have sun protection function, but because the "film" is relatively delicate, it is easy to change color and fall off under sun exposure, and the corrosive effect of rain is also It will lose sun protection and have a short service life, so it is not suitable for use as an umbrella. Therefore, if the sun umbrella you buy is a silver glue sun umbrella and the silver glue is applied to the outside of the umbrella, it is recommended that you do not use it as an umbrella.
When buying sun umbrellas, be sure to choose branded products. Generally, regular manufacturers will use brand logos in multiple places, such as the seams of umbrella surfaces. In addition, rainwater will corrode the anti-ultraviolet coating, so it is best to use sunshades and umbrellas separately. If the umbrella surface is dirty, you can rinse it with clean water or rub it gently with your hands, otherwise it will affect the effect.Zhejiang Hengyang Umbrella Co., Ltd. is Outdoor Umbrellas Suppliers.Hengyang Umbrella operating in ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System. We have BSCI, SEDEX, Walmart and BV, TUV, SGS Certification. Meanwhile, our company also won many honors like “Hi-Tech Enterprise in Zhejiang Province”, “Shaoxing Famous Brand Product”, “Famous Trademark of Shaoxing City”, “the Credit Enterprise of Shaoxing”, “Alibaba Integrity Honor Enterprise”, “Credit AA Level in Agricultural Bank of China” and so on.VISIT https://www.hyumbrella.com/product/umbrella/beach-umbrella/
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