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How should umbrellas be cleaned?

Update:11 Jun
How should umbrellas be cleaned?
cleaning method:
1. If the umbrella surface is dirty, you can use a softer scrubbing tool dipped in clean water to scrub gently, but you can't scrub with your hands, and the cleaning frequency should not be too frequent, otherwise it will affect the sunscreen effect.
2. It can also be used as a cleaning fluid for parasols. The cleaning solution only needs white vinegar and detergent. It should be noted that detergents that do not contain alkali must be selected. Prepare a disposable paper cup again. After the materials are prepared, the work will begin immediately. First, pour the detergent into the disposable paper cup, as long as the detergent reaches the bottom of the paper cup. Next is white vinegar. Pour half a cup of white vinegar into the cup. Then pour warm water of about 40 degrees into the cup. The warm water serves the white vinegar and detergent. Only with warm water can it be fully integrated and the power can be stronger. Prepare the detergent and use a brush dipped in detergent to brush the parasol. When brushing, brush longitudinally along the umbrella stand, and the direction should be the same. You can't brush vertically and horizontally for a while. That would destroy the sun protection layer of the parasol. In addition, we choose detergents that do not contain alkali, because such detergents can not only wash off the stains on the umbrella, but also will not damage the sun protection layer of the umbrella. White vinegar can keep the original luster of the umbrella fabric, and with the addition of 40 degrees warm water that blends detergent and white vinegar, the effect of decontamination is very good.
After washing the surface of the umbrella, wash it with clean water. Remember, you must wash it thoroughly, otherwise, after the umbrella is dried, there will be traces of detergent on the surface, which is ugly. Then put the cleaned umbrella in the shade to dry.
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