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How to build and store tents

Update:15 Oct
After camping in the wild, there is a problem to set up and store tents. The tent is set up quickly and well, not only can you have a comfortable sleep, you don’t have to worry about the wind and freezing at night; the tent is well folded, not only beautiful, but also saves a large part of the space in the hiking bag, and the correct folding method can To better extend the life of the waterproof coating, I will briefly explain how to build and store a tent.
Tent erection
First, decide where to set up the tent. According to the order, 4 people will work together. It doesn't take much time to set it up easily. In order to consider the situation when the tent is withdrawn, it is more convenient to write down the initial matching situation.
There are different types of tents, and at the same time, there are also different production, matching designs and combinations. Small tents, A-shaped tents, and wall-type tents are assembled using cables to build tents due to the order of construction, while the recently developed and improved bullet-type and cabin-type tents belong to “combined tents”.
The following takes one of the basic tents, a wall-type tent that has been popular since ancient times as an example to illustrate how to set up tents.
①Determination of location
After considering the wind direction and terrain, choose a flat place.
②Inspection of tent equipment
Pour out the supplies in the bag and check each part one by one. In order to facilitate the removal of the tent and not to miss anything, it should be recorded first.
③Laying ground mats
After laying the floor mat, fix the four corners with nails. If there is a lot of humidity, place a mat first, and then place a mat on it.
④ Erect the pillar and pull away the main rope
Put the bottom of the pillar through the holes at both ends of the floor mat, and at the same time, the tip of the upper part of the pillar, through the holes of the two pillars of the curtain pillar, pull up the left and right main ropes to avoid tilting left and right. In this way, the main shape of the tent is formed.
⑤Adjust the main rope, pull up the angle rope and waist rope
Adjust the shape of the tent with the support rope attached to the main rope, and stand the two pillars vertically on the ground. Secondly, adjust the angle rope and waist rope with the support rope to make the tent appear.
⑥Fix the wall
Connect the bottom of the tent, the floor mat and the lower part of the wall.
The above is the sequence of setting up a wall-shaped tent. The four people work together in a division of labor. In a proficient state, it can be completed in about 10-15 minutes.
Usually, in order to reduce the impact of wind, rain, sun exposure, and severe cold, a roof cover is added. In step ④, when inserting the pillars into the holes at both ends of the building, first add the roof cover, and then pull the main rope up. After the main rope is fixed with nails, take the end points of the roof building as the apex to form the two sides of an equilateral triangle. , Pull the length of the bottom side to the same length as the pillar. From the top of the roof, the angle rope should be on the extension of the diagonal line, and the waist rope should be aligned with the angle rope.
In the past, after the tent was set up, it was possible to dig ditches around. Now, we must stand in the position of protecting nature and no more digging ditches unless in puddles.
Storage tent
1: Take down the tents and spread them flat on the ground;
2: Fold the bottom account in three, just like you fold the quilt. After folding, the width should be slightly shorter than the storage bag. Why should it be shorter than the storage bag? Because there will be errors when you roll it down, the width may become longer after you roll it, which makes it difficult to put it in the storage bag. Generally, the width after folding is about 5 cm smaller than the storage bag.
3: Fold the outer account to a similar width, and then fold it on the bottom account, and put the land and tent poles on the bottom account.
4: Unroll, roll forward slowly until the tent is completely rolled up. Remember to take your time, so that the gas held in the tent can be completely exhausted. Finally, put it in the storage bag. Why choose to use rolls instead of folding, folding and then folding? Because folding will cause great damage to the coating, it is recommended to choose a roll instead of forcefully folding the tent, so that the life of the tent will be improved. In addition, the folding method of the sleeping bag is similar to that of the tent and can be used with each other.
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