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How to choose a good umbrella

Update:29 Jan

1. Parasol, sunny umbrella, umbrella
The main differences between parasol and umbrella are in function
The main functions of parasol are UV protection, sun protection and skin health protection;
The main function of umbrella is to resist wind and rain;
The sunny umbrella has both the sunshade function of the sun umbrella and the waterproof and wind resistant function of the umbrella.
Tip: when you buy a sun umbrella, be sure to ask the seller if the sun umbrella you want to buy can be used as an umbrella, or it will leak when it rains. Pay attention to this.

2. UPF value
UPF value is the value of UV protection coefficient. Just like buying sunscreen, you should pay attention to the UPF value of the umbrella when buying a sunshade. When the UPF is greater than 30, it can be called anti ultraviolet products, and the protection level standard is "upf30 +". If you are in the south, umbrellas with UPF > 50 can be your whitening secret; if you are in the north, umbrellas with UPF > 45 are also enough.
Tip: the UPF value is good enough. Don't listen to the seller blindly. In addition, the best way to buy high UPF umbrella is to let the seller show the inspection report, especially online shopping, so as to prevent unfair money.
3. Black glue, silver glue and nano glue
At present, most of the umbrellas on the market are mainly made of black glue. Compared with black glue, silver glue has the disadvantages of easy falling off and general sunscreen effect (UPF > 30). However, the transmittance of black glue with good quality can reach almost zero, and the poor black glue coating may contain carcinogens, causing harm to the body. The principle of nano coating is to reflect ultraviolet light by smearing half wavelength of ultraviolet light on umbrella cloth.
On the other hand, there are two kinds of black glue for the outer side and the inner side of the umbrella. I think the inner black glue will be better. Black glue means shading, and the inner coating will protect the black glue better. Secondly, we all know that black is the easiest to absorb heat. If there is black glue on the outside, it will increase the external temperature of the umbrella.
Tips: the key to UV protection lies in the nano coating, and the black glue only has shading effect (sunscreen is not black, hehe). In terms of purchase, the outer nano, inner nano > outer nano, inner nano > nano coating > silver glue.
4. Single layer and double layer
For sunshade and sunny umbrella, the sunshade effect and cooling effect of double umbrella is better than that of single umbrella, and the feeling of double cloth is better than that of single cloth. But please note that, as mentioned above, UV protection mainly depends on nano coating, and double coating only improves the effect of blocking sunlight.
In addition, there is a kind of double-layer heat insulation umbrella with hidden ribs on the market, which forms an empty drum between the two layers, which can produce heat insulation effect to a greater extent and bring better heat insulation effect.
It is suggested that double layer > single layer, and the "boneless" umbrella with hollowing between two layers is better.


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