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How to choose camping tents and sleeping bags

Update:26 Feb

On weekends and holidays, it's a good choice to prepare the family's favorite food and go camping with three or five friends. So today I'd like to share how to choose a suitable camping tent and sleeping bag.

According to the number of people, choose the right size tent and sleeping bag.
Because the number of people is different, the size of the camping tent is also different, so we should consider how many people use it, and choose the appropriate size of the tent. Generally, the number of people who are suitable is divided into single person, double person (husband and wife, couple), 3-4 person (family), 5-8 person (two families or relatives and friends travel together), more than 8 person (colleagues, classmates, friends gathering, etc.).
One sleeping bag for each person, regardless of the number of people.

According to the use of season, regional differences, choose the appropriate tent and sleeping bag.
If it is used in rainy seasons and areas, the waterproof performance of the tent should be considered. The waterproof effect of the tent is mainly due to the different fabrics. When choosing, you should pay attention to the waterproof index of the outer tent tarpaulin and the bottom of the tent. Generally, if you want to use it in high temperature or cold places and climate, you should choose a more professional tent with more than 3000mm waterproof.
The choice of sleeping bags can be based on the season and temperature to choose the suitable sleeping bags for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

After considering the differences of size, season and region, we should also consider the differences of tent fabric and bracket material. These two aspects, generally in the purchase, the guide and commodity labels will have a clear notice.

According to the needs of special functions, choose tents and sleeping bags with their own functions.
If you don't know how to set up a tent, you can choose to open and close the tent automatically, so that you don't need to set up your own tent, and you won't be disappointed because you can't set up a tent well. In addition, there are some other functions, such as tents with automatic door opening and closing, tents suitable for all seasons, and so on. The choice of these aspects depends on the different needs of each person.
In the choice of sleeping bags, but also to consider their height, if the height is too high friends will choose a longer sleeping bag. For example, a friend who is 1.89 meters tall should choose a sleeping bag of 2 meters.

In addition, we also need to buy related accessories. For example, tent lamps, tent storage bags, moisture-proof mats, inflatable beds, air pumps, etc. are all necessary supplies for outdoor camping. Different types of products should be selected according to the number of users, season, temperature, etc. Make a good distinction when buying.

Finally, camping can be relaxing and enjoyable. At the same time, we must pay attention to personal safety and property safety.

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