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How to customize advertising umbrella

Update:23 Jul
How to customize advertising umbrella
The process of customizing advertising tents is very cumbersome. It takes several steps to complete, and finally has to go through quality inspection to control the number of defective products. If custom-made fabrics have special requirements, you must purchase fabrics from other places to make advertising tents. Here is a brief introduction to the production process of advertising tents.
1. After the advertising tent manufacturer purchases the special fabric for the tent, it is cut according to the size of the advertising tent to be made. This is now usually cut by workers with a square.
2. Next, take the cut fabric to print, and print it on the tent surface according to the size of the picture to be printed.
3. Then it is time to sew the tent surface, which is to synthesize the tent surface with a flat car. The technical term is called "coupling".
4. After the assembly is completed, take out the tent frame with the handle, and ask the worker to sew the fabric and the tent frame together, so that a tent is finished.
5. Then a quality inspection is needed to inspect the quality of the tent, pick out the defective products, and the qualified advertising tents can be boxed, which completes all the processes of making advertising tents.
In the custom-made project, not only the care of each production employee, but also the control of the production speed. Only by achieving high quality and rapidity can the customized requirements of advertising customer service be met, and the advertising effect expected by customers can be achieved!
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