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How to judge the quality of umbrella

Update:07 Jul
The prices of umbrellas produced by umbrella manufacturers on the market basically range from tens to hundreds of yuan. When there is no specific use, the difference is not big, but after the actual use, the quality is obvious, and the price is not proportional to the quality. When buying an umbrella, what criteria can be used to judge whether it is high-quality or not? Is it worth it?
1. The touch of the heart is very important
Use claws to grasp the handle of the umbrella to feel whether it is comfortable, so as to test whether the size of the handle can be reasonable. This is not just nonsense, it is very important. There are many anti-human umbrella handle designs on the market, and the gripping experience is very poor. For a good umbrella, the handle design must conform to human mechanics, the size is moderate, the thickness is just right, and the gripping comfort can reach the ultimate.
2. A good umbrella, strong water repellency, does not bring rainwater into the room
Ordinary umbrellas, the umbrella cloth is easy to get wet on rainy days, wet with rain water is very easy to wet the floor. In order to prevent this from happening, people usually hang their umbrellas in the corridors. Whenever it rains, many small mushrooms bloom in the corridors.
A good umbrella is light and water repellent, so it doesn't need to be so troublesome. After using the umbrella in a rainstorm, close the umbrella and shake, the excess rainwater is thrown out, but the umbrella cloth will not be wet by the rain, so it is easy and stress-free to bring it to the room.
3. See if the material used in the umbrella is reasonable
95% of umbrellas on the market still use iron rods, which are cheap and relatively durable; but they are prone to rust and are bulky. High-end umbrellas will use aluminum rods, which are light, wear-resistant, and not easy to rust, but they are expensive, and many umbrella manufacturers are reluctant to use aluminum rods. And most umbrella manufacturers that pay attention to quality use aluminum rods, which is why our umbrellas can keep the weight as light as a mobile phone.
4. See if the umbrella material is advanced
The part that can be bent in the picture is the rib. The picture above is a real shot of the umbrella rib. Not all ribs can be bent. Most of the rib materials used by high-quality umbrella manufacturers are high-grade carbon fiber materials. The characteristics of carbon fiber ribs are: strong, durable, ultra-light, wind-resistant, and not easy to break.
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