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How to maintain an umbrella

Update:24 May
Umbrellas are our daily necessities, but in many cases, umbrellas will break after use. In fact, this is not necessarily a quality problem. Most of the time, it’s because we don’t know how to maintain it. A new umbrella is not used a few times, just because The creases and stains look worn out. Therefore, you must pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, so as not to find that there is no umbrella available when it rains. Let us spend a few minutes to learn how to maintain an umbrella. The Outdoor Umbrellas manufacturer will explain for you.
1. As the umbrella cloth contains acidity, it cannot be hung on a lime wall containing alkalinity, otherwise it will make the umbrella surface brittle due to a chemical reaction. Especially for new umbrellas, the most fear is that they will be put on the shelf for a long time after they are bought. After a long time, they will make the umbrella surface fragile and easy to crack.
2. After daily use of the umbrella, you should dry it in time, or place the umbrella handle down so that the water on the umbrella drips down the umbrella bone; if the umbrella tip is placed down, the water will gather at the top, and the iron umbrella Bone rusts easily after dripping water. At the same time, a small amount of lubricating oil can be applied to the umbrella bones and handles to prevent rust and mold.
3. In addition, before opening the umbrella, the ribs must be fluffed and the ribs should be straightened, especially for folding umbrellas. Pay attention to children's umbrellas, otherwise the ribs will be easily broken. If the umbrella made of PVC fabric is stuck together, don't open it hard. First, separate the sticky place by hand, and then slowly open it.
4. Don't use an umbrella to pick things, don't use an umbrella as a walking stick, and don't let the umbrella get close to high temperatures to prevent it from being deformed.
5. When the umbrella is folded, pinch the top of the umbrella, try not to touch the place where the folding part of the umbrella rib and the umbrella surface are connected with sweat-stained hands, so as to avoid imprinting there in the future, which will affect the appearance.
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