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How to set up a Camping Tent

Update:09 Apr
How to set up a Camping Tent_Three ways to tell you that more and more people like to go out camping in life nowadays, it is essential to go out to camp and set up a tent. But how can we set up a tent quickly and well?
1. How to set up A-shaped tent
Open the tent bag, take out the tent and lay it flat, and take out all the pillars and other supplies. The two main pillars are inserted into the soil upright, and the ground pad is laid flat in the tent, so that the four corners formed by the main pillars are fixed on the ground in parallel. This step is relatively easy. Then spread the walls of the tent flat on the main pillars and nail the ground to the ground. The windproof rope is fastened to the tent wall and is also nailed to the ground. The A-shaped tent looks like the English letter A from the front. The ground is square or rectangular, and there are two thicker pillars, which are fixed with main ropes.
This kind of tent is simple and easy to set up and can be used at home. When the sun is full, you can set it up on the balcony to fully enjoy the sun. Because the A-shaped tent has no pillars, it is easy to tilt the roof. When moving, you need to move four corners at the same time to avoid deformation. When the weather is cold, you can add a layer of roof outside the tent to keep it warm.
2. How to build a pyramid tent
Connect the tent pillars, fix them on the four corners, firmly thread the walls on the pillars, and then insert them into the sleeve holes at both ends. If the tent is a multi-pillar flower, the other pillars are also covered. Insert the pillar into the ground and fix it at an inclination angle of 45 degrees to 60 degrees. Carefully check each set of holes in the account to make sure that each set of holes is properly connected to the corresponding connection point.
Finally, tighten the windproof rope outside the tent and nail it tightly. Some tents are double-layered. After setting up, make sure that there is enough space between the two walls to maintain air circulation.
3. How to build a triangular tent
Spread the tent flat on the ground, then nail it firmly, connect the pillars, and pass them through the holes in the inner net. If there is a mosquito net, pass the holes of the mosquito net on the pillar. Wear other sets of holes in accordance with the positions indicated in the instructions. Knot the two pillars together according to the instructions, and apply force at both ends to break the pillars. Put the wall on the pillar, paying attention to the zipper outside. Some tents are equipped with rain cover, which is installed on the outside of the wall. Finally nail the ground nails and the wind rope.
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