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Overview of Shangyu Umbrella Industry Group

Update:17 Sep

Shangyu is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province. It is a city with developed industries and prosperous economy. Industry support is obvious, forming five major industries including electromechanical, chemical, textile, building materials, and food, as well as eight major economies including umbrella parts, copper pipes, glove socks, electric light sources, and auto parts. Songxia is located in the northern part of Ningshao Plain and on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is the central town of Yubei region. It is known as "only chaos the world, not the Songxia". In the Chinese umbrella market, the umbrellas made by Songsha have become "one of the four in the world" and become a veritable "Chinese Umbrella City". Songxia has convenient transportation and obvious geographical advantages. It is connected to the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway in the east, and the 329 National Road passes south of the town. The Hangzhou-Ningbo Canal runs from the east to the west. The Xiao-Yong Railway, the 104 National Road and the Shangsan Expressway are within easy reach, driving to Ningbo. Beilun Port and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport are only 50 minutes away by car.

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