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Chinese umbrella manufacturers Hengyang umbrella provide high-quality environmentally friendly umbrellas

Update:20 Aug
From the very beginning of umbrella production nowadays, it has caused damage to the environment.
People are constantly developing new products, and the types of commodities have become more and more abundant. While people are enjoying life now, pollution and damage to the environment are becoming more and more serious. People of insight are shouting that the country is paying more and more attention to low-carbon and environmental protection.
Umbrella fabric production: Polyester cloth is a chemical fiber. Petroleum is used in the production. When the white fabric is colored, pigment and water are used. The water used to dye the cloth causes pollution.
Umbrellas nowadays are mostly galvanized or nickel-plated with iron bones. When iron is used, coal will be used. Coal will produce carbon dioxide. When the umbrella bones are electroplated, they also produce pollutants and are also highly toxic. .
Fibrous bone, which has become popular now, actually pollutes the environment during production.
Taking an umbrella is a product at the expense of the environment.
The printing of advertising umbrellas and the printing of advertising umbrellas also produced a strong odor. Of course, this odor is poisonous, and the printing once again produced pollution.
In recent years, China has always been a big umbrella manufacturer. Chinese Outdoor umbrella manufacturers Hengyang umbrella provide high-quality environmentally friendly umbrellas. There are two main reasons for this situation. One is China's abundant labor resources, and the other is the complexity of umbrellas that have to be made by hand.
Due to the complexity of the umbrella surface sewing, umbrella bone assembly and other processes, it has always been unable to get rid of the necessary link of manual production. Take a self-opening and retractable folding umbrella as an example. 16 parts must be assembled in the rib of only 10mm in diameter, 13 parts must be assembled in the small umbrella head, and the process of sewing the umbrella is even more inseparable. Hand-sewn. At present, only the injection molding of the umbrella head and the mechanical cutting of the umbrella surface can introduce certain mechanized processing methods. The particularity of umbrella production determines that in the process of large-scale production, a large number of skilled and cheap labor becomes a key factor affecting cost and process quality. For a relatively long period of time, labor-intensive manual production combined with partial machine production will still be the main production mode of the umbrella industry. As the country with the richest labor resources in the world, China will continue to maintain its position as the world's largest umbrella country for a long time and dominate the supply source of the global umbrella market.
It can be seen from the above that it is inevitable for China to become a major umbrella country.
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