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Introduce the origin and history of umbrellas

Update:07 Jan
Umbrellas are items that we need all year round. Umbrellas are now produced directly from umbrella factories, and then sold to umbrella wholesalers or retailers. In fact, umbrellas have a long history. Do you know who invented the first umbrella? What is the origin and history of the umbrella?
The English Umbrella of umbrella comes from the Latin Umbra, which means shade and shadow. Umbrella materials usually include ductile fabrics, and other materials that can be used as skeletons and entanglement. Lift it by hand when in use. Although the main purpose of the umbrella when it was first invented was to block the sun, it is now most often used as a tool to block the rain in rainy weather. Other functions of umbrellas include decorations, walking sticks and even weapons. Hong Kong’s long-established Leung Su Kee umbrella is one of the umbrellas that can be used as weapons.
Umbrellas have a long history in China. There is a record of umbrellas in "Records of the Historian, The Records of Kings". In the Spring and Autumn Period, according to legend, the wife of the famous craftsman Lu Ban created a portable umbrella. Since the umbrella was made of silk and silk, it was expensive and difficult for the people to buy. It was regarded as an authority symbol for the nobles and high-ranking monks. After the Han Dynasty, people used relatively cheap paper coated with tung oil to make umbrellas. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, paper umbrellas began to spread among the people. In the Qing Dynasty, the colorful painted umbrellas appeared. In the 1930s, the Chinese invented the folding umbrella for the first time. Up to now, umbrellas have developed from ancient umbrella covers to paper umbrellas, cloth umbrellas, nylon umbrellas, plastic umbrellas, automatic umbrellas and many other varieties. The materials used for umbrella frames have also evolved from the earliest bamboo and wood to steel and aluminum. , Plastics, resin fibers, plexiglass, etc.
Chinese umbrellas were introduced to Japan and Southeast Asian countries in the Tang Dynasty, to Britain in the 18th century, and then spread to Europe, America and the rest of the world. At that time, small parasols made of silk and lace were especially popular and were essential items carried by ladies. But the parasol at that time weighed 4.5 kilograms. In the 19th century, the umbrella began to become lighter, and the foldable umbrella became a must-have for going out. Long-handled umbrellas with silk tassels, feather umbrellas with dresses, pleated lace umbrellas, and luxurious lace umbrellas are just like various styles of fashion, dazzling people. Walking in the courtyard, outing in the suburbs, visiting relatives and friends, and going out to escape the summer heat, people wear different clothes on different occasions and different seasons. Of course, they must match different umbrellas. Umbrellas become an important part of the overall shape of people, from the decoration and matching of accessories. It also reflects a person's IQ and taste.
Umbrella is a living utensil for sheltering from rain and wind and sun. However, with the development of the times and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, its value has exceeded the scope of practicality, absorbed a strong fashion color, and has become a symbol of elegance. Especially since the beginning of the 21st century, the colors and styles of umbrellas have become more abundant, and the fabrics have become more and more exquisite. They have a variety of uses to match different clothing, different seasons, and different environments. People can't help being intoxicated by the "fashion and style of umbrella".
The invention and use of umbrellas is a major contribution of China to world culture. Umbrella culture is an indispensable part of our nation’s ancient culture.
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