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Outdoor Umbrellas used to block direct sunlight and block rain.

Update:08 Apr
Outdoor Umbrellas used to block direct sunlight and block rain. Umbrellas can block about 70% of UV rays, but cannot block reflected UV rays. If there is no umbrella with anti-ultraviolet coating, ordinary sun umbrellas can also be used. The defense effect of black umbrellas is relatively good, followed by pink and goose yellow, while red has almost no anti-ultraviolet function. The fabric of the sun umbrella is specially treated. After being exposed to rain, the molecular structure inside will be destroyed, resulting in a decrease in the radiation protection effect. The function of the umbrella is windproof and rainproof. The difference between it and the sun umbrella lies in the material and craftsmanship. Generally, the umbrella cloth design is based on waterproofness, while the sun umbrella is designed with anti-ultraviolet materials, and the workmanship is fine. There are many beautiful Embroidered print design.
How to choose Outdoor ssun folding umbrella
1. The curvature of the umbrella is based on personal needs. Some umbrellas have a large curvature, like a mushroom shape, which is suitable for single use. This type of umbrella is more popular with Europeans and Americans because of its wind resistance; Suitable for multiple people to support together, but wind resistance.
2. The umbrella ribs are more sturdy. The quality of the umbrella ribs determines the quality of an umbrella. For umbrellas on the market, most of the ribs are 6 to 16. The more ribs, the higher the wind resistance. If there is a thin and elastic wire support between the rib and the rib, the umbrella will be more stable.
3. Straight umbrellas are more durable. Folding umbrellas have higher storage and portability than upright umbrellas, but considering the sturdiness, even if there are the same number of rib branches, upright umbrellas and folding umbrellas of the same material, the durability of the upright umbrella will be reduced. Higher than the folding umbrella, because the folding umbrella needs to be folded, the gap between the umbrella rib and the umbrella cloth surface will be larger, and it is easier to be damaged due to strong wind.
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