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Tips for choosing a sun umbrella

Update:10 Sep
Tips for choosing a sun umbrella
1. Look at the appearance of the sun umbrella. In addition to the previous prints, squares, and solid color patterns, the anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella is launched this summer
Included fashionable designs such as cartoon patterns and pastel series.
The color depth will not affect the resistance to ultraviolet rays. Related tests have found that the color of the umbrella surface has little effect on the protection effect, and the color is light
The ultraviolet B transmittance and other indicators of the umbrella and the dark umbrella are almost the same.
2. Choose umbrella surface. There are two types of anti-ultraviolet sun umbrellas: glossy and matt. Glossy umbrellas dominate the market and look pretty and lively
Splash; The production process of matt umbrellas is relatively complicated, and the price is also expensive.
3. Pick the ribs. In addition to the common straight and three-fold, UV-resistant umbrellas have introduced a four-fold umbrella, which is more convenient to carry. Umbrella
Umbrella ribs account for a large proportion of the production cost, so pay attention to picking umbrella ribs when buying umbrellas.
4. Silver plastic anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella. After using the silver glue anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella for a period of time, the silver glue will partially peel off due to wind and sun.
Especially the part in contact with the ribs is more obvious.
The choice of anti-ultraviolet umbrella mainly depends on the fabric of the umbrella. Studies have shown that thick fabrics have better UV resistance than thin fabrics. Generally speaking,
Cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection effect, while polyester is better; some consumers believe that the thicker the umbrella surface, the purple
The better the performance of the outer line, in fact, it is not. For example, the paradise umbrella series has developed a thin but very tight fabric, and its protective performance is far better than that of one.
In addition, the darker the UV resistance, the better, the satin fabric is the best, followed by the twill weave and the plain weave.
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