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What are the advantages of using parasols?

Update:24 Sep
What are the advantages of using parasols?
Parasol is a mainstream element of modern leisure sunshade. And what are the advantages of this product material? The function of sunshade is not only to shading, but also beautiful in appearance, which can play a role in attracting customers, so it is deeply favored by merchants. As far as the social industry is concerned, which industries are widely using parasols? For example, cafes, parks, supermarkets, wedding photography, bars and other places can be seen everywhere. I just said that the umbrella equipment adopted by different industries is different. The umbrellas are from scratch, from simple to complex. , Like everything else, is experiencing a never-ending movement of change. Of course, it can also be customized for parasols.
1: Block the wind and sand; in a certain season, there are often sandstorms. If you don't wear a windbreaker and a mask, you can use an umbrella to withstand it. Sturdy, it can protect you against the wind! To
2: Shelter from wind and rain; this is the original intention of the inventor. To
3: Sunshade and sunscreen; with the improvement of people's health awareness, Meimei people's maintenance of their own appearance, the development of science and technology, the improvement of consumption level, now the umbrella is more and more expensive, the range of use is wide, what UVA/UVB protection , Lightweight and compact. To
4: Cover the ugly; as long as you don't want others to see it, you can block it with an umbrella. It's a moment to cover it up for a while. To
5: Block the dirt; if you are walking on the street, you suddenly smell the stench from a distance, and when you have to pass the road, hold your breath, the smell will become disgusting, and you will almost vomit when you see it. At this time, you can use an umbrella to block your peripheral vision, and you can't see it. To
6: Set off; part of the beauty-loving women who pay attention to matching, fashion she is no longer limited to just matching clothes, pants and shoes, and even the umbrella must be in harmony with the color of the clothes. Therefore, people who see umbrellas on the street are not necessarily to protect the skin or anything else, but to match the overall effect.
7: Defensive function; once introduced in a TV program, women can use what to defend against the "wolves" approaching themselves. They can use pepper spray, sharp keys, high heels, and umbrellas. The long umbrella can be equivalent to a light iron rod. The "shrink bone cover" can hit the wrist of the enemy who wants to grab you, or throw it casually. A quick knife to cut the mess is better than nothing without resistance.
8: Advertising function; now there are many gift umbrellas in supermarkets. There are product names and slogans on the umbrellas. The supermarkets also produce their own umbrellas as gifts to customers to advertise for themselves for free. It is a wise move, the cost of an umbrella Don’t say how high it is. Anyway, umbrellas given by supermarkets are generally of limited quality and low cost.
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