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What are the skeletons of advertising umbrellas?

Update:23 Apr
What are the skeletons of advertising umbrellas?
With the development of technology. Umbrellas have also changed, from the previous oil-paper umbrellas to the current umbrellas of various designs. With the change of the umbrella surface, the rib has also changed. Most of the rib in the past were made of wood and bamboo. Later, there were iron rib, steel rib, aluminum alloy rib (also known as fiber rib), electric rib and resin rib. bone. Let me explain it in detail below!
1. Advantages of aluminum bone: light weight and low price.
2. Advantages of chemical fiber bone: light weight, durable and strong wind resistance.
3. Carbon fiber bone advantages: light weight. Disadvantages: The wind resistance is average, and the price is the most expensive among all materials.
4. Advantages of wooden bones: Traditional Chinese umbrellas are often used.
5. Advantages of iron bone: strong and durable, the price is slightly more expensive than aluminum bone.
According to the number of skeletons, it is also divided into 7 bones, 8 bones, 10 bones, 12 bones, 16 bones, 24 bones, etc. The more the number of bones, the stronger the quality.
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