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What fields and occasions can folding tents be suitable for?

Update:24 Dec
Folding tents can often be seen in the streets and alleys, and the use rate of folding tents in today's life is very high. There are also many areas where folding tents are used. Before knowing which folding tent is better, let's take a look at which fields are suitable for folding tents.
Campus welcome: a kind of warmth to the new students who come to report. Many schools are divided into parent rest areas, registration offices for secondary colleges, and logistics services on the day.
Store entrance: The use of folding tents will undoubtedly add space, and you can put the items for sale in it; use it on sunny days without fading or getting wet on rainy days, and you can just put it away when you don’t need to use it.
Car sunshade: When you park your car outdoors, you have to undergo a high-temperature "baking" test. At this time, you can buy a folding tent, and use it to prevent various problems.
Recruitment site: Tables and chairs can be placed in the tent, so the interviewer does not need to sweat it.
Public places: such as squares, roads, etc., built to provide rest places for passers-by.
Promotion site: You can print company-related information on the foldable tent when you buy it, and the publicity effect is good. This is a lot of businesses. As a publicity method, the funds spent in addition to environmental protection are also small and can be recycled.
Friends gathering for dinner: Tired of frequent KTVs, it’s a good choice to bring a folding tent for dinner (you can easily put it in the trunk of the car); this way you don’t have to face the sun, and you don’t have to worry about sudden rains.
Wedding scene: Use it to give people a different feeling. This layout can not only meet the wishes of the couple, but also solve the weather. If you want to have a Western-style wedding, you might as well arrange it like this.
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