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What kind of Outdoor beach umbrella?

Update:22 Jul
What kind of Outdoor beach umbrella?

1. There are three kinds of Outdoor beach umbrella: middle pillar sunshade, unilateral sunshade and banana hanging umbrella.

2. Although the outdoor sunshade is relatively large, it is also a relatively necessary product in our life. When we have activities or we need to carry out some projects outdoors, we can't carry out it under the big sun, and the outdoor sunshade is very good for sunshade and protection.

3. The umbrella cloth of outdoor umbrella is generally 8 a polyester cloth, because polyester cloth has many waterproof and UV protection functions. We all know that sunshades are used outdoors. In our life, there are also some people who are allergic to ultraviolet rays, so people have such a mentality that they can resist strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays through sunshades.

4. Polyester cloth just can do this to meet people's needs. In addition to outdoor sunshades, the types of sunshades are the smaller ones that we can usually see in people's hands. This kind of sunshade has many styles and is easy to carry, and it can also play a certain sunshade effect.

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