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Some tips on how to repair your umbrella

Update:25 Apr
Umbrellas in the umbrella wholesale market, especially parasols, Kids Umbrellas, advertising umbrellas and other umbrellas, have gone from pursuing practicality to pursuing fashion, becoming people, especially women’s decorations. Of course, it is inevitable that they are easy to break. They are all minor problems, it's a pity to throw them away, here are some tips on how to repair your umbrella.
1. The umbrella and pole are separated. When the umbrella is automatically opened, the fixing pin is broken due to the elastic force of the spring, which separates the umbrella from the rod.
Repair method:
①Replace the T-shaped pin and replace it with a flat iron file as the original pin. When installing the pins, first smash the directional inner convexity of the upper umbrella pole, install the pins on the round holes of the handle bars on both sides, push the umbrella pole so that it exceeds the inner convex stalk, and then restore the inner convex stalk. Close the umbrella, click the beginning, the umbrella can be opened in sections, automatically and unimpeded. Repeated several times and no longer separated, it was repaired.
② Fold and bend into a T-shaped pin with an iron wire with a diameter of one millimeter. It can also be used instead. Note that the corners should be clamped, and the entire pin cannot exceed the groove of the 1-shaped bar, otherwise there will be resistance when opening the umbrella. The extra part can be smoothed with a small file, and the installation method is the same as the above.
2. The round hole sliding opening of the fixed pin makes the pin and umbrella slip out of the rail. When this kind of failure occurs, the T-pin is generally intact and can still be used. Repair method: add a thin copper sheet to the smooth opening of the round hole, solder it firmly with tin, then repair the groove with a file, insert the T-shaped pin into the round hole, after reinstalling it, try to open it several times and it will be repaired.
3. Hanging ditch and sliding mouth. The hook controlled by the automatic switch cannot be fixed after the umbrella is retracted, and the umbrella is often opened automatically. Repair method: use a knife to make a notch in the middle of the hook, it can look stuck when closing the umbrella, and it can be automatic when opening the umbrella. The notch is bigger by a small file, try and file until it fits.
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