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What are the number of umbrella folds?

Update:22 Oct
What are the number of umbrella folds?
(1) Advantages of long-handled umbrellas: good wind resistance, especially long-handled umbrellas with more umbrella ribs, which are excellent choices for strong wind and heavy rain. The disadvantage of long-handled umbrellas: it is inconvenient to carry.
(2) The tri-fold umbrella has always been widely liked after it was created. The advantages of the tri-fold umbrella: it is delicate and convenient to use. The shortcoming of the tri-fold umbrella is that the opposite wind and heavy rain are much worse than the long handle or the two-fold umbrella. .
(3) Advantages of a five-fold umbrella: It is more compact than a three-fold umbrella and is convenient to carry. The flaws of a five-fold umbrella: storage is difficult to fold, and the umbrella face ratio is smaller.
(4) There are also relatively rare four-fold and six-fold umbrellas, four-fold umbrellas and six-fold umbrellas: the most important thing is that people on business trips bring convenience and contrast.
(5) Advantages of two-fold umbrellas: two-fold umbrellas are connected to the windproof function of long-handled umbrellas, and they are easier to carry than long-handled umbrellas. Many manufacturers have developed two-fold umbrellas to make high-grade parasols or rain-proof umbrellas, and two-fold umbrellas Disadvantages: When you use the umbrella, you need to break the umbrella ribs one by one. Compared with the three-fold umbrella, it is relatively long and inconvenient to carry.
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