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What are the types of umbrellas?

Update:07 May
First, classify according to the shape and structure:
1. Rainbow umbrella
Rainbow umbrella, the colorful color of the umbrella surface is like a rainbow. In our country, it is loved by many people because of its gorgeous color.
2. Pencil umbrella
It is named the pencil umbrella because of its slim body. The keel is the thickness of the pencil. This type of umbrella is widely popular because of its compact size and portability, and its unique style.
3. Wine bottle umbrella
It looks like a small plastic red wine bottle. The mouth of the bottle is an umbrella handle. The umbrella body is placed in the bottle, and the bottleneck is unscrewed to open it as an umbrella.
4. Oil paper umbrella
A paper or cloth umbrella that originated in China. The craftsmanship is exquisite, the shape is beautiful, and the local color is rich. Mostly sold as artworks and tourist souvenirs.
5. Transparent umbrella
The style is novel and fashionable, crystal clear and beautiful and unisex. Umbrellas are mostly made of thin plastic, which is easily damaged and cheap.
6. Craft umbrella
Umbrellas for viewing on sunny days. Usually made of bamboo and paper wood. Lightweight and durable, mainly used for gifts, dances, decorations, props, etc.
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