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What should you pay attention to when choosing this anti-ultraviolet umbrella?

Update:09 Oct
The hot and scorching sun is the prime enemy of the skin. Choosing a good umbrella can greatly weaken the lethality of the sun. However, in the face of the uneven quality of the umbrellas on the market, how to choose a real one? Umbrella", but there are tricks. From a professional point of view, the "parasols, sun umbrellas" that people often say are actually UV-resistant umbrellas. When choosing this kind of umbrella, you should pay attention to the following three aspects.
First, look at the label. It is important to look at the protection index, that is, the UPF and UVA values. As long as the UPF is greater than 40 and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, it is called an anti-ultraviolet product. The higher the UPF value, the better the anti-ultraviolet function. Ordinary, most of them on the market are marked as "UPF50+", and its protective function used to be sufficient.
Second, look at the color. In the case of similar fabrics, dark umbrellas have better UV protection.
The biggest difference between parasols and other umbrellas is that they have an anti-ultraviolet coating to block the penetration of ultraviolet rays. Third, look at the fabric. The thicker the umbrella surface, the tighter the fabric, the better the anti-ultraviolet function, and the polyester is more sun-proof in relation to cotton, silk, nylon and other fabrics. If you want to know the sun protection effect of a parasol, you can try it out in the sun. Umbrellas with the deeper the epitome and the lower the light transmittance have the best sun protection effect.
When purchasing parasols, you must choose branded products. Ordinary on-track manufacturers will use brand marks in multiple locations, such as the seams of umbrella surfaces. In addition, rain will corrupt the anti-ultraviolet coating, so it is best to leave the sunshade and rain cover. If the umbrella surface is dirty, it can be washed with clean water or gently rubbed with your hands, otherwise it will affect the effect.
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