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When camping, should I choose a single-layer tent or a double-layer tent?

Update:06 Feb
Every year during the holidays, people ask, "What should I bring to camping? Where can I set up a tent? should I choose a single-layer tent or a double-layer tent?"
Today, let’s talk about the single and double tent problem.
One: Classification of tents
There are many types of tents. According to different forms, there are different types:
1. Classified by structure
Can be divided into pyramid tents, dome tents, tunnel tents and so on.
2. By season
It can be divided into summer tent, three season tent and four season tent.
3. Classification by use
It can be divided into camping tent, kitchen tent, sunshade tent, bath tent, toilet health tent, etc.
4. Classified by material
It can be divided into double tents and single tents.
Two: What is a single-layer account? What is a double account? How to differentiate?
1. Single-layer tent
There is only one layer of tent, the production process is relatively simple, and the biggest feature is lightness and small size.
2. Double tent
The outer layer of the tent is a double layer, divided into an inner tent and an outer tent, which is waterproof and breathable.
Outer tent: The outer layer of the double tent, the main function is windproof and waterproof, usually made of polyester fiber (polyester).
Inner tent: The inner layer of the double-layer tent, whose main function is ventilation, is usually made of polyester fiber (polyester).
Third: The most important functional difference between single-layer account and double-layer account
Camping outdoors is equivalent to sleeping in a wild environment. The tent is to protect our house.
External: To isolate the intrusion of moisture, dew, and even rain;
Internally: It must be ventilated. The air exhaled by the human body during sleep and the hot air emitted will condense into water droplets when cold. These water droplets should be allowed to slide on the ground instead of falling on the sleeping bag.
Double-layer tents can accomplish this function well:
The outer tent is waterproof and windproof, and the inner tent is breathable;
The heat emitted by the human body will pass through the inner tent, condense on the inner wall of the outer tent, and then slide along the inner wall of the outer tent to the gap between the outer tent and the inner tent, so that the sleeping bag will not be wet.
The outer tent should be constructed with windproof ropes to be stiff; the outer tent is completely separated from the inner tent, and the gap is about a fist in order to maintain good air permeability.
However, a single-layer tent has only one layer of fabric, and it is inevitable that it cannot be both waterproof and breathable.
Fourth, the use environment of both
Single-layer tent:
1. Summer camping activities such as park leisure and beach leisure, generally do not spend the night outdoors, the price is relatively cheap;
2. Because of its light weight, it is also used for snow mountain climbing, but it needs to use high-tech functional fabrics and accessories, which is more expensive.
Double tent:
It has a wide range of uses. The three-quarter four-season accounts are mostly double-layered, which is more cost-effective.
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