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Avoid these misunderstandings and blind spots when purchasing children's umbrellas

Update:25 Nov
In the face of serious problems in the children's umbrella market, how can parents identify which ones are safe enough and reliable in quality? What misunderstandings and blind spots should be avoided when choosing an umbrella?

1. The pearl tail that meets the national standard of children's umbrellas is not safe enough

The conventional sharp pearl tail poses a huge risk to lively and active children with insufficient safety awareness, and it is also what parents are most worried about. There are more or less incidents of bead tail poking children every year, ranging from skin trauma to blindness. If the combination of the umbrella bone and the bead tail is not strong enough and it pops out, the risk is greater (the umbrella tip should also try to choose a rounded shape).

2. The transparent window of the umbrella surface does not "increase safety"

There should be many parents who think that it is safer to have a piece or a transparent window on the umbrella surface, so that children can see the front clearly when opening the umbrella, but the effect may be counterproductive-if the child only sees the road through the transparent side, it will affect the attention to the wider environment , but unfavorable. What's more, when the umbrella is opened normally, the umbrella surface will not block the line of sight, and the angle of the umbrella will be adjusted at any time according to the wind and rain direction.

3. Automatic umbrellas and reverse umbrellas are not suitable for children

When the automatic umbrella is opened, the impact force of the umbrella surface is relatively large, but the strength of the child is relatively small. If it is a needle-type or ball-tailed umbrella, the impact force when the umbrella is opened will increase the risk of stabbing the child or others. Large strength is needed again when closing the umbrella, which is very difficult for children and middle-aged children.

Reverse umbrellas have been very popular in the past two or three years, and children’s models are also on sale. However, due to the structure of the ribs and the double-layer umbrella surface, the reverse umbrella is generally heavy, mostly above 450g, and it is difficult for children to hold it for a long time.

For small and middle-aged children, it is advisable to control the weight of the umbrella under 300g.

4. Children's umbrellas have better sun protection function

Although proper light and ultraviolet rays are beneficial to children's physical growth (such as vitamin D absorption), children's delicate skin is more sensitive to sun exposure and ultraviolet rays than adults, not to mention that the weather is getting hotter and hotter, so children's umbrellas have Sun protection is still necessary.

At present, most of the children's umbrellas on the market "heavy rain protection and light sun protection". Parents are advised to choose high-density or UV-coated impact cloth when purchasing children's umbrellas. When choosing vinyl models, pay attention to black rubber umbrella cloth Whether there is a pungent odor (black plastic umbrella cloth will increase the weight of the umbrella, which can be weighed).

5. Children's umbrellas are more suitable for children with these details

Button-free honeycomb: No need to find a fixed position button, you can open and close the umbrella with a light push and pull without pinching your hands.

Reflective strips: Increase the safety of rainy days and night use.

Waterproof signature column: Let children mark their own umbrellas, so it is not easy to confuse and take the wrong ones.

Facing the children's umbrella market with serious quality problems, as a parent, you can only spend more time and keep your eyes open to search. I hope the above information can bring some help, so that children can use safe, beautiful, and quality-guaranteed children's umbrellas and enjoy themselves playing around.
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