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You must master the beach camping tips!

Update:17 Nov
You must master the beach camping tips!
About Camp Selection
There are two options for beach camping:
The beach campsite under normal operation has restaurants, water, electricity, showers and toilets, and security measures. Generally speaking, this kind of camping site will be safer and suitable for families with little camping experience;
Wild camp: camping in a natural beach without management and operation. If you are an experienced camper, you can try this kind of camping.
About transportation
Self driving to the campsite may be the only option;
There will be a long distance between the parking lot and the campsite, so you need a camp car or a backpack to transport equipment.
About camping
Keep an eye on the tide report and camp in a safe area;
It's too hot to set up a tent directly on the beach. You need to set up a tent in the shade, or set up a canopy above the tent;
Use special beach camp nails, or put sand into bags and bind wind ropes to resist the strong wind at the seaside;
Do not put light equipment outside the tent to prevent it from being blown away by the wind.
About equipment selection
There will be all kinds of flying insects on the beach at night. Make sure your tent is equipped with mosquito screen
Tents, sleeping bags, mats and camp lights are essential camping equipment;
Sun awning, beach chair and beach mat are essential equipment for beach leisure.
About the bonfire
Are you going to hold a beach bonfire barbecue party? This means you have to carry a lot of equipment and food materials;
Bring an outdoor refrigerator or incubator to ensure the freshness of the ingredients;
It shall be ensured that bonfires are allowed in this area; Especially avoid areas with combustible plants;
It's difficult to catch fire in windy places, so here's a trick: dig a hole in the sand, one to two feet deep, to make a fire pit.
If the wind is not too strong, you can collect some rocks and create a circle to build fire inside. Look for driftwood away from water. In this way, the campfire will become drier and easier.
Burying a fire with sand does not ensure that the fire will be extinguished. You need water to extinguish the campfire.
About Accessories
There will be all kinds of flying insects on the beach at night. Make sure your tent is equipped with anti mosquito gauze and that you carry anti mosquito spray;
Waterproof bag is very important. It is necessary to store electronic products in the waterproof bag to prevent them from being wet by seawater.
About Sand Prevention
Camping on the beach means that a lot of sand will fall from the tent. You can prepare a small broom and dustpan to sweep away the sand.
Put a large waterproof cloth under the tent, and take off your shoes before entering the tent;
Two buckets full of water are placed in front of the tent door, and the sand on the body is washed before entering the tent.
About clothing
Swimsuit, goggles, swimming cap;
A waterproof bag for storing wet clothes;
Printed long skirt and flat sandals;
Quick drying T-shirt and pants;
A jacket or denim that can withstand the cold at night;
Sunscreen skin clothing;
Personal toiletries, common medicines and home first-aid kits.
About security
There are usually no lifeguards on remote beaches. If you plan to surf or swim, please ensure that someone on the shore can be your lifeguard;
On remote beaches, there may be no signal from mobile phones. So make sure that your family and friends know about your trip and invite experienced campers to go with you.
Maintain moisture. Dehydration becomes a major safety issue when exposed to sunlight all day long, so make sure you carry plenty of water.
About Environmental Protection
Avoid walking or playing on sand dunes. Sand dunes are not only natural barriers to water, but also contain plant life that is essential to the environment.
In line with the principle of "leaving nothing but footprints and taking away nothing but beautiful scenery", protect our natural world.
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