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How to make a parasol? How to choose an umbrella?

Update:22 Jan
How to make a parasol? How to choose an umbrella?

Umbrella is a daily necessities, and the sunlight is relatively strong in summer. If you use a sunshade, it can play the role of shading and preventing ultraviolet rays. So what are the steps to make a sunshade? You can make your own sunshade. Buying a parasol is a more common way, and you can also buy a more suitable type of parasol. So what is the method of buying a parasol? Let's take a look at the relevant content introduction, so that you can understand these contents. understand.
How to make a parasol?

First: Use the path tool to draw a plane path diagram of an umbrella, such as a regular 8 deformation or a regular 12-sided shape.

Second: pull out, adjust the thickness yourself.

Third: Edit the surface, then find the plan just now, and select the edit point at the toolbar.

Fourth: The stretch point is stretched upward and pulled into the shape of an umbrella.

Fifth: Draw the small umbrella support in the top view, and adjust the angle in the elevation view or left view.

Sixth: Make a circular array along the points just extruded in the top view.

Seventh: Umbrella handle is better. Draw a line like a cane, and check the thickness of the rendering option. It just came out as a three-dimensional figure.

Eighth: fine-tuning of details.

How to choose an umbrella?

1: Look at the appearance: In addition to the previous patterns of printing, checkered, and solid colors, the anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella has launched cartoon patterns, pastel series and other fashionable designs this summer. The color depth will not affect the ability to resist ultraviolet rays. The relevant tests found that the color of the umbrella surface has little effect on the protection effect. The light-colored umbrellas and the dark-colored umbrellas have almost the same index of ultraviolet B transmittance.

2: Choose the umbrella surface: UV protection sun umbrellas are divided into glossy and matt. Glossy umbrellas dominate the market and look pretty and lively; matte umbrellas are relatively complicated in production technology and expensive, and they don't look unassuming, giving people a subtle and stable impression. Pick the umbrella rib: In addition to the common straight rod type and three-fold type, the anti-ultraviolet umbrella has also introduced a four-fold umbrella, which is more convenient to carry. Umbrella ribs account for a large proportion of the production cost of umbrellas. When buying an umbrella, you should pay attention to picking the ribs.

3: Silver plastic anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella: After the silver plastic anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella is used for a period of time, the silver plastic will partially peel off due to the wind and the sun, especially the part that is in contact with the umbrella rib.

The above content introduces the problem about the manufacturing steps of the sunshade. According to the above-mentioned steps, the manufacture of a sunshade can be completed. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, you can choose to buy a sunshade. There are many tips and tricks for choosing a sunshade. For example, it depends on the appearance, but also the price and material of the sunshade. The choice is based on the actual situation. For more suitable types of umbrellas, you can refer to these contents.
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