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How to make beach umbrellas? Types of umbrellas?

Update:19 Jan
How to make beach umbrellas?

1. The utility model discloses a kind of beach umbrella, and the main point of its technical scheme is that the body of the beach umbrella includes an umbrella frame and an umbrella body arranged on the umbrella frame, and the umbrella frame includes a vertical pole arranged on the vertical ground, and is arranged on the vertical pole. The umbrella arm and the bracket rod that can support the umbrella arm, the umbrella arm takes the vertical rod as the fulcrum and the other end of the umbrella arm corresponding to the bracket rod is connected with the umbrella body; one end of the bracket rod corresponding to the vertical rod is connected with an adjustment seat, and the adjustment seat can slide set on the pole;

2. One end of the pole corresponding to the umbrella arm is provided with a connecting seat that can be slidably sleeved on the umbrella arm, and the connecting seat is hinged with the vertical pole; one end of the bracket rod corresponding to the umbrella arm is hinged with the umbrella arm; the umbrella rib includes a corresponding set of The upper seat and the lower seat, the long rib hinged on the upper seat, and the short rib hinged on the lower seat, the other end of the short rib corresponding to the lower seat is hinged with the long rib, the utility model beach umbrella not only ensures sufficient shelter It is easy to pack and transport, and effectively improves its performance.

3. However, the existing beach umbrellas still have the following defects:

(1) The existing beach umbrellas are relatively large in size and occupy a relatively large space, and the heights of the existing beach umbrellas are fixed. When the sunlight is slanted, the beach umbrellas with high height cannot effectively protect tourists from direct sunlight. , resulting in less than ideal shading effect;

(2) When the existing sunshade is fixed to the beach ground, the umbrella bottom with a very light base will cause the sunshade to fall easily under the influence of the sea breeze, posing a threat to the life safety of tourists, and the umbrella bottom with a heavy base is moving. It will bring a lot of inconvenience.

Types of umbrellas?

1. Outdoor sunshades are divided into three categories: central column sunshades, unilateral sunshades, and banana hanging umbrellas.

2. Although the outdoor sunshade is relatively large, it is also a relatively necessary product in our life. When we have activities or we need to carry out some projects outdoors, we cannot do it under the big sun, and outdoor sunshade Umbrellas serve the purpose of shading and protecting us very well.

3. The umbrella cloth of the outdoor umbrella is generally 8 amp polyester cloth, because the polyester cloth has many functions of waterproof and UV protection. We all know that parasols are meant to be used outdoors, and some people in our lives are allergic to ultraviolet rays, so people have such a mentality that they use parasols to resist strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

4. Polyester fabric is just able to do this to meet people's needs. In addition to outdoor umbrellas, the types of umbrellas are the smaller umbrellas that we can usually see in the hands of people. This kind of sunshade has many styles and is relatively easy to carry, and can also play a certain shading effect.
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