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The correct way to open a folding tent

Update:27 May
How to open the folding tent more convenient and faster? In fact, the installation of the folding tent is not difficult, it does not require you to use a lot of strength, as long as you master the method, it is very simple.

First, open the foldable tent frame by 50℅. Then cover the folding tent tarpaulin on the tent frame, pay attention to be sure to align the top of the folding tent tarpaulin on the top of the middle of the tent frame. Align the four corners of the folded tent tarpaulin with the four corners of the tent frame and stick to the Velcro.

Next, pull the foldable tent frame to 95℅, and push the slidable sleeve with the round hole on the tent foot upward until the spring button is stuck (there is a spring button above the foot of each folding tent frame). ), if it is a new foldable tent top cloth, push the sliding sleeve up, it will feel very heavy, you can use the shoulders to lift up until the button is stuck. Follow the same steps to operate the four corners. Then pull out the four inner tubes with the chassis under the folding tent feet. When a certain height is reached, a button will pop up automatically to fasten the inner and outer feet. Such a folding tent is installed.

Reminder: If there is bad weather such as strong wind, please pay attention to maintaining the folding tent. The inner feet of the tent can be retracted into the outer feet or heavy objects can be hung on the tent feet to fix the folding tent to prolong the service life of the folding tent.
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