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The development of the technical level of the umbrella industry

Update:17 Jun
The development of the technical level of the umbrella industry is mainly reflected in new materials and new processes. As a traditional industry that provides consumer goods for people's livelihood, the production technology of umbrellas has gone through a long development process. In the process of developing the basic functions of umbrellas to fast-moving consumer goods, portability, fashion and other functions, the technical level of the industry has also improved. The overall improvement is mainly reflected in:

(1) Application of new materials

       The umbrella surface materials and umbrella frame materials involved in the manufacture of traditional sunny umbrellas are light industry and heavy industry products, respectively. In recent years, umbrella cloth materials have been brought out of the old and new, especially for sunshades, only the anti-ultraviolet fabrics include silver glue, satin, pearl glue, impact cloth. , laser punching, yarn-dyed lattice, polyester interweaving, etc. dozens of; plastic umbrella fabrics, which are typical fast-moving consumer goods, have also been developed from ordinary PVC materials to environmentally friendly POE materials. In terms of the material of the umbrella frame, it has developed from the traditional steel frame to the aluminum alloy frame, glass fiber frame, carbon fiber frame and even titanium alloy frame to meet the needs of portable umbrella products. New materials such as carbon fiber, aviation aluminum, TEFLON, silicon-coated cloth, and CORDURA nylon are widely used in high-end umbrellas, taking their functions to a new level. It is foreseeable that the application of new materials will further promote the replacement of umbrella products and improve the quality of life of the public.

(2) Product design and development technology

       In recent years, the umbrella products have also made great progress in the structure of the umbrella stand, especially the windproof design, and even the anti-bone design that is not easy to break the umbrella stand even if it is blown over in strong winds.

       The design of umbrella cloth style, color and umbrella frame structure also adopts three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD), combined with hand-painted design to optimize the sample manufacturing and trial production process, so that the appearance of umbrella products is more diverse and the structure is lighter. Stronger, more beautifully packaged, and shorter update cycles.

(3) Product manufacturing process

       Umbrella industry is a labor-intensive manufacturing industry, especially the sewing of finished umbrellas has long been dominated by needlework and manual work, and the overall degree of mechanization is low. In recent years, a series of umbrella-making equipment, such as computerized cloth cutting machine, computerized high-speed single-line car, computerized umbrella top machine, tape machine, bead-tail machine, automatic pipe welding machine, slotted bone automatic molding machine tool, etc. The wide use of the umbrella improves the production efficiency of components and reduces the labor intensity, representing the level of the world umbrella industry to a certain extent.
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