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The unique advantage of advertising umbrella as a promotional gift

Update:03 Dec
The unique advantage of advertising umbrella as a promotional gift. Facing the increasingly fierce competition of modern social enterprises, the most effective way to expand the reputation of enterprises and make products have a competitive advantage is advertising! Advertising umbrella is the most commonly used form of advertising carrier in modern times. It not only has great fluidity, bright colors and good visual effects, but also the pattern design can be unrestricted, the structure can also be chosen arbitrarily, and it is beautiful and durable, with high quality and price. Many advantages such as low cost have become an important form of corporate advertising.Advertising umbrellas have incomparable advantages over other forms of advertising:
1. Wide coverage: The advertising umbrella can reach places that other forms of advertising cannot reach, and there are no blind spots in advertising. Users walk the streets and alleys every day, advertising wherever they go. As long as you spend a small amount of money, there will be thousands of people or even tens of thousands of people flaunting the market under your banner or brand logo, spreading across all corners, and each umbrella can affect 500-1000 people, and the advertising effect is immeasurable.
2. High liquidity: The advertising umbrella has the advantage of doing advertising wherever you go. Whether it is sunny or rainy, walking on the streets and alleys, it is an independent and mobile free advertising promoter.
3. Enhance corporate image: advertising umbrella has the function of sheltering from rain on cloudy days and shading on sunny days. It is an indispensable daily necessities for men, women and children. Companies send out advertising umbrellas to make customers feel a kind of corporate care while helping themselves to make advertisements, so that the corporate image and reputation can be greatly improved.
4. Impressive: An umbrella has one theme, and it is an independent form of advertising wherever it goes. Whether it is sunny or rainy, the advertising umbrella can have an irresistible visual impact. For the owner of the advertising umbrella, The memory of the company's impression is even firmer and firmer.
5. Good quality and low price: advertising umbrella has low investment cost, fast production process, and deep consumer impression. The advertising fee for a 1 square meter advertising light box is about 2,000 yuan per year, and the cost of making 1,000 ordinary advertising umbrellas is only Can do 10 light box advertisements; the average advertising fee for a bus body advertisement for a year is more than 200,000 yuan. If you use the same more than 200,000 yuan as an umbrella, you can make tens of thousands of umbrellas, which can basically cover a medium-sized city. Streets and alleys.
6. Long-lasting advertising time: The service life of the advertising umbrella is generally 3-5 years. It can carry out long-term and repeated advertising to the enterprise and is a reliable form of advertising.
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