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What are the classifications of umbrella handles

Update:26 Nov
Umbrella handles are the same style as umbrellas, there are many options
Various new handles are also full of tricks. Umbrella handles can be roughly divided into the following categories:
1. Plastic handles There are various styles of plastic handles, including large curved handles and small curved handles. The material of the plastic handle is also differentiated. It can be divided into virgin plastic injection-molded umbrella handles, and recycled plastic injection-molded handles. After the umbrella handles are injected with plastic, some can be used directly if they need natural colors, and some have to be passed through Surface treatment, such as spraying silver on the handle, or spraying gold, are all possible. Or the handle surface is sprayed with rubber. Plastic umbrella handles are easy to clean and have always been the first choice for modern umbrella production.
2. The wooden umbrella handles are a little mixed, and the cost is low. Some are simply formed and painted with some paint to become the handle. Some of the more demanding handles will be higher if they are made into special shapes.
3. EVA umbrella handle. This umbrella handle is currently used in advertising umbrellas. The handle has many colors. Aluminum alloy umbrella handle, or a handle made of aluminum alloy and EVA (the main body is EVA material, and the accessories are aluminum alloy). The handles are mostly used for golf umbrellas. It is black, feels good, and is light. There are also many people who like this umbrella handle.
4. Rubber-handled golf umbrellas currently choose handles made of this material.
5. Silicone umbrella handles are currently expensive to make, and people who choose them are even better. This handle feels good, and it feels like touching a person's skin when held in the hand.
6. Bamboo handles This kind of handles is currently used less, and most of them are used for umbrellas exported to Japan.
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