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Related knowledge of parasols

Update:12 Aug
Related knowledge of parasols
One, the most luxurious umbrella: teak hanging umbrella.
The teak hanging umbrellas are all made of solid wood, with scientific design, convenient operation and atmospheric style. There are two reasons why it is said to be the most luxurious. One is that it is entirely made of wood. The wood comes from nature, without the cold and hard feeling of metal, and it is integrated with the environment. Moreover, high-quality wood is rare. The cost of umbrellas such as this kind of umbrella pillars and ribs using top-quality wood is very high; Second, the umbrella can also be rotated 360 degrees, which is similar in function to the Roman umbrella. This umbrella is very easy to operate and can be opened and closed easily by using the rocker below.
Second, the most powerful umbrella: Roman umbrella, also called 360-degree rotating umbrella.
The umbrella surface of this umbrella can be rotated around the umbrella column once, or it can rotate nearly 90 degrees in a vertical angle. When the angle of sunlight changes, you only need to rotate the angle of the umbrella without moving the umbrella or moving objects under the umbrella. The shading function is strong, impressive, and cost-effective. It is one of the best choices for outdoor shading.
Third, the most artistic parasol: aluminum alloy central pillar umbrella.
The biggest artistic feature of this umbrella is that it can carry a small night light on the pole (not shown in the picture below), which is very suitable for sweet and gentle occasions before the flowers and the moon. This is a center-pillar umbrella, generally used with tables and chairs. Secondly, this umbrella has a kind of cold beauty, strong frame, simple structure, like a serious brawny.
Fourth, the most popular umbrella: round unilateral umbrella.
Said it is most popular is explained by sales data. This umbrella is the most common parasol in parks, properties, gardens and other leisure occasions. It is also the most commonly used umbrella in security guards. It is beautiful and beautiful, and it is a beautiful place no matter where it is placed.
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