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What are the raw materials for making umbrellas

Update:17 Sep
In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, many umbrella functions such as parasols, decoration umbrellas made of lace fabrics, advertising umbrellas, golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas, garden umbrellas, etc. have been developed. In addition, with the transformation of the decoration and usefulness of umbrellas, the fashion is becoming stronger and stronger. For example, the luxurious lace in Asia and the refined personality of Europe are all selected for umbrella design. And all fashion products will follow the rapid trend change and exit the market. The replacement of old styles shortens the cost cycle of umbrellas, affects the cost of umbrellas again, and promotes the development of the umbrella industry.
Other functions of umbrellas include decoration, crutches and even weapons. The production of umbrellas generally includes ductile fabric, and other materials and entanglements that can be used as a skeleton. When using it, lift it with your hand. Although the primary purpose of the umbrella when it was created was to block the sun, it is now most often used as a rain-proof thing.
The need for commercial portability of umbrellas has expanded from traditional steel bones to aluminum alloy bones, glass fiber bones, carbon fiber bones and even titanium alloy bones. New materials such as carbon fiber, aviation aluminum, TEFLON, silicon-coated cloth, and CORDURA nylon are widely used in high-end umbrellas, which have improved their functions to a new level. It is foreseeable that the use of new materials will further promote the upgrading of umbrella products and improve the quality of life of the people. The umbrella surface materials and umbrella frame materials involved in traditional umbrella production are light industry and heavy industry products respectively. In recent years, umbrella cloth materials have changed and changed, especially for parasols. Only UV-resistant fabrics include silver glue, satin, pearl glue, and impact cloth. , Laser punching, yarn-dyed lattice, polyester interlaced, etc.; plastic umbrella fabrics, which are typical fast-expendable items, are also developed from general PVC materials to environmentally friendly POE materials
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